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Bad Secrets

  • Bad Secrets - S/t - 9"+CD - 10€
  • "Dark, weird and generally hypnotic jams from this improv duo. Conceived, recorded and mixed over three weekends in late 2007, BAD SECRETS is comprised of Evan Patterson (YOUNG WIDOWS / BREATHER RESIST / etc) and Dan Davis (KODAN ARMADA). Built around a guitar, vocal and drums foundation, the lo-fi nature of BAD SECRETS’ recordings work to their advantage, setting an overall mood of drunken, haunted desperation. Patterson’s unique and twisted guitar twang combines with distant howls and Davis’ rumbling, primal drumwork... which gets further mutated by the duo randomly switching instruments. Throughout all this, BAD SECRETS successfully channels the energy & southern soul of blues, the mesmerizing spirit of shoegazer & psychedelia, and the harsher "dropped-out-of-life" elements of desert rock." (Robotic Empire)



  • Violator / Bandanos - Split - 7" - 4€
  • "Two of the best actuals bands in Brazil. Violator comes with their classic thrash (core) , including an Heresy cover. Bandanos continues in their pure Venice beach style , CYCO at it best , include a COC cover,full colour killer cover artwork" (Offside)


  • Barberos - '000' - LP - 9€
  • "BARBEROS are a 3 piece electro / noise / visual band from Liverpool, UK. Combining an eclective mix of genres, including the obvious drum fuelled pollyrhymic electro thrashings, Barberos infuse elements of jazz, noise, dub, breakcore and prog, framed in heart racing theatrics using costume and projections to communicate their joyful danceable musings to their ever widening audience." (listen) ( Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu)

Bastard Noise (The)

  • Bastard Noise (The) / Endless Blockade (The) - The red list split - LP - 10€
  • "The Bastard Noise lend four tracks to this split, with some bass-guitar-heavy hardcore/punk/noise with strange samples and plenty of random background noises that is their most "musical" output since the inception of the Bastard Noise Project. They, of course, feature former members of Man Is The Bastard and Neanderthal. The Endless Blockade provide a 14-minute power violence epic that runs the gamut of hardcore and punk sounds." (Deep Six)


  • Say Why / Bastardass - Split - 7" - 3.5€
  • Insane, thrashing Grindcore from the Czech Republic vs. fast Power Violence from the States. (listen Say Why) (listen Bastardass) (Amertume)


  • Mr Marcaille / Batalj - Split - 7" - 4€

Battle of wolf 359

  • Resurrectionists / Battle of wolf 359 - Split - 10" - 7€
  • "Resurrectionists play pulverizing grinding HC with touches of melodic chords amidst the chaos. This band is tight, very heavy, and has multiple vocalists. Very fast played drums and guitar, distorted bass riffs and desperate voices extol the end of the world. Once again Resurrectionists built a solid bridge between the banks of emoviolence and grindcore. If you allready got their LP you might have idea what you can expect. Battle Of Wolf 359 play brilliant screamo with female and male vocals. Heavy guitarriffs and harsh played drums lay into slow parts to break out in chaos again in the next moment. Very well done songwriting that will catch your ears if you are into music of this kind. The records comes in a nice silkscreened cover. (Asymmetrie, Moment of Collapse Records, Parade of Spectres, and React With Protest)

Big Black

  • Big Black - He's A Whore - 7" - 4€
  • "One Cheap Trick song, one Kraftwerk song, covers are parodies/tributes to the album covers that the songs were originally on." (listen Big Black) (Touch And Go)

  • Big Black - II Duce - 7" - 4€
  • "The first thing the new line up released was the Il Duce 7" which featured a leftover from the Racer X session on the A side and new tune on the flip." (listen Big Black) (Touch And Go)

  • Big Black - Heartbeat - 7" - 4€
  • "Three great choonz from Steve and the boys--a Wire cover (which is only improved with the Big Black treatment), and two originals. The strongest track is Heartbeat, which is universally regarded as fantastic, despite the fact that it's a cover. The other two tracks are also more than capable of holding their own--check 'em out if you don't have it, all three songs are on the Rich Man's Eight Track Tape." (Touch And Go)

Big Crux

  • Big Crux - Big Crux Is A Big Funk - 7" - 3,50€
  • "Out of nowhere, unseen for years, Felix from LIFE'S HALT came into the record shop armed with an ipod full of home-made demos aptly titled "Futuro", signaling that he had the itch to start a new band and get back to doing what he does best. Listening through these (only allowed on headphones) tunes We heard tastes of the BIG BOYS, THE PLUGZ and the MINUTEMEN. Best part is that some of those were sung in his native Spanish tongue. Dynamite! Now BIG CRUX is fully formed and tight as shit. Three of those "Futuro" tracks are recorded it is our extreme pleasure to share them with you. Felix, classify those tracks as "Presente" amigo. Silk screened sleeves. Art by Tim Kerr. 500 copies."  (Iron Lung)

Birds Are Alive

  • Birds Are Alive - Blue Cooked For Cannibals - LP - 12€
  • (listen) (Kizmiaz)


  • Birushanah / Drain The Sky - Split - LP - 9€
  • "Great split release between Birushanah, Japan (playing Doom Metal influenced by Japanese classical music) and Drain the Sky, USA featuring members of Dimlaia and His Hero is Gone. Previously available on CD via SMD Records in Japan and now available on vinyl. Co-released by Destructure and SMD Records."


  • Huata / Bitcho - Split - LP - 10€

Black Hole Of Calcutta

  • Black Hole Of Calcutta - s/t - LP - 8€

Bogong In Action


  • Bokanovzky - We Stamble - LP - 8€
  • "Onto Bökanövsky, this is more like it! The music is a fair bit faster and I’m immediately into it. No fucking about, just great French emo with clear influences from their contemporaries. The vocals are great, then there’s the standard guitar sound, plus the drums pound the fuck away (collective zine)" (Pure Pain Sugar)

Born Dead

  • Born Dead - The Final Collapse - LP - 10€
  • "LP has a gatefold jacket & and 8-page printed booklet! Charging Anarcho-punk, steeped in East Bay hardcore moodiness and UK peace punk politics, this second LP by Oakland's BORN/DEAD offers no let up in blasting fury, with seven new tracks and a raging cover of '90's English band CRESS. Ignited with raw guitar attack and pummeling drums, fueled by dual vocal shouts spewing point blank politics, BORN/DEAD balance their street level, direct punk assault with the dark, artful edges of East Bay hardcore (Ala Dead and Gone, Christ On Parade, Econochrist). Recorded by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil) at Ear Hammer with a flat UK '82- recording style, this LP comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a printed 8- page lyric booklet." (Prank)

  • Born Dead / Peligro Social - Split - 7" - 4€
  • "Two of the bay areas best punk bands. Oakland's Born/Dead continue on with their well known brand of Christ on Parade//Aus Rotten style political hardcore punk, this time w/ a sick build up into full bore rager and when Wyatt and Willdog scream, the kids will lose their shit. Peligro Social from SF make their vinyl debut and introduce their own style of classic spanish punk. Melodic punk riffs mixed with a bit of rock n roll wank (think Gn'Fn'R) topped with snotty spanish vocals, fucking ripps. (ex-Cropknox) Packaged in a pocket gatefold 7" sleeve with a 12 page booklet, this is top notch." (Tankcrimes)

  • Born Dead - Fear - 7" - 4€
  • "Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD charge forth with two blasting tracks after a long hiatus! The A- Side is the chanting and unique "Repetition", which has been a focal point of their recent live sets, with a classic UK peace punk feel. The flip "Fear" is back to form with a full tilt hardcore charge of raw and political punk rock. Recorded By Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil), and mastered by John Golden, this is the debut of new drummer Josh and coincides with BORN/DEAD?s current European Tour. Limited edition copies were pressed on colored vinyl and first pressing is in a special edition sleeve." (Prank)

  • Born Dead - 24 Hostages - Prank - 7" - 4€
  • "On ORANGE vinyl! Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD's debut 5- song 7" EP set the blueprint for the bands searing attack of guitar driven hardcore, with harsh dual vocal trade offs spitting bleak Anarcho-punk lyrics and pounding, fast drumming. Re-issued on Gold vinyl with a mini poster, the original artwork, bonus inner sleeve and pressed from the original plates, this release has been out of print for over five years, though the songs have remained staples of BORN/DEAD's live shows worldwide. Prank has licensed this EP from NO OPTIONS records as a re-release, strictly limited to 800 copies, to coincide with BORN/DEAD's 2009 Summer tour of Europe: dates at!"

Brain Handle

  • Brain Handle - S/t - 7" - 4€
  • "The Smiling/Smiling Again 7" is newest release from the mighty Brain Handle, who feature ex-members of the awesome Warzone Womyn. For those of you unfamiliar with Brain Handle, the band plays chaotic hardcore with a somewhat weird, yet muscular edge. The fact that the band's brand of hardcore is somewhat off-kilter makes perfect sense when one takes into consideration the band's origin: Pixburgh, PA. While I mean no offense to the great Steel City, the place is filled with some of the weirdest, shittiest, and plain scummiest people around, which is actually conducive to creating such fine music. Also, I hear these Yinz dudes are total jagoffs and often putzie around with the crowd, but I personally find that endearing." (Iron Lung)


  • Brainbombs - Live At the Sonic Protest - LP - 12€

  • Brainbombs - Obey - LP - 12€
  • "A pure misanthropic gem of an album. Loud, dirty, mindless noise rock. One of Sweden's best and one of my favorite bands of all time. For fans of RUSTED SHUT, DRUNKDRIVER, CLOCKCLEANER, FLIPPER and bands like that." (listen Brainbombs) (Skrammel)

Brody's Militia

  • Brody's Militia / Widespread Blooshed - Split - LP - 8€
  • "This album has enough violent and destructive potential to eradicate life across several square miles. BRODY'S MILITIA spews out 11 tracks of hyper-as-hell thrash complete with plentiful screech-a-longs and two GG Allin covers. WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED up the 25 tracks hyper ante even further by playing with even more reckless abandon." (Sound Pollution)

  • Rupture / Brody's Militia - Morbis Apes - 7" - 4€
  • "The avenging Aussie hatecore godfathers crawl from their cosmic deathcamp to lock horns with the reigning scumfuck overlords of American hardrock bloodlust! Kill yourself repeatedly as chainsaw abortion specialists BRODY'S MILITIA plow through five seething covers of fastcore era RUPTURE classics with unrelenting speed and a massive studio recording. Flip the fucker and get assaulted by prime unreleased live cuts from RUPTURE captured in 1996 at their venomous best. The demented brilliance of Gus Chamber lives on through a totally booze blasted bit of banana bending brutality!"  (Haunted Hotel)

  • Short Fast And Loud #24 - Ten Year Anniversary Issue - Zine + 10"- 10€
  • Short Fast & Loud #24- Ten year Anniversary issue w/ 10" compilation vinyl and zine, unreleased rippers from Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction, Gride,and Lahar!!! (Six Weeks)

  • Brody's Militia - Appalacian Twelve Gauge - LP - 8€
  • "Ohio's Brody's Militia finally come down from the mountain and offer up their debut full-length slaughterfest! It opens fire with twenty-five traumatic blasts of flesh-ripping thrash that take equal inspiration from the hard-hitting punk of Antiseen, Tetsu Arrey and Poison Idea, and the ultrathrash brutality of early Rupture and Anticimex. A perfect blend of catchy riffs and violent distortion! Complete with eye-popping artwork from infamous horror artist Nor." (Sound Pollution)

Brutal Truth

  • Brutal Truth / Rupture - Split - 7" - 4€

Burial Hex

  • Burial Hex / Iron Fist Of The Sun - LP - 13€

Burial Year

  • Burial Year / Zann - Split - LP - 10€
  • "BURIAL YEAR (RIP) from San Francisco offer the final recordings including a UNBROKEN cover song. BURIAL YEAR has been the follow up band of bands like TAKARU, A LIGHT IN THE ATTIC and A DAYS REFRAIN. The full length has been one of the best records released on ADAGIO830 and its way underrated. BURIAL YEAR deliver with brutal metallic hardcore like the did w/ TAKARU. The recordings kill everything! ZANN have one new pretty long tune and a CHOKEHOLD cover. You know we got stoked in the mid90ies mosh hardcore. So what do you expect? All records come w/ a nice gatefold w/ artwork by Adam Hunt. Also, sorry this is so expensive but we imported these all the way from Europe!" (Adagio 830)

Burning Bright

  • Burning Bright / Death Mercedes - Split - LP - 10€
  • Split 12″ between 2 young french bands, Burning Bright plays modern hardcore and Death Mercedes plays melodic hardcore. 13 songs total. Composed by members of some notable french bands (AMANDA WOODWARD, AUSSITÔT MORT, L’HOMME PUMA, RAVI…), their inspirations come from melodic hardcore, screamo, crust or old thrash. (Sieve Sand)

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