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Habemus Kaos

  • Confronto / Abemus Kaos - Split - LP - 7€


  • Habsyll / Aun - Split - LP - 13€
  • AUN (Montreal, Canada) has a back catalog rich with harmonic drone, sepulchral ambience and of thick detuned guitar vistas. For this split, AUN ventures into new territory. "Druids" plays like 70's space rock on bad acid, where dissonant tones and hallucinogenic melodies slam head-first into slow, pounding beats. Texture and rhythm collide to create a dark unworldly psychedelia. "Fall Out" continues the space-y vibe, blending rhythm, bass, guitar and acidic noise shards, seemingly taking some cues from the late 60's New-York underground and mid 70's Germany. HABSYLL is something much more than a metal band or a doom band, it's almost like twentieth century classical played with downtuned guitars and massive drums. So much space, the notes and drum beats miles apart, the drums not so much beats and rhythms (although those do pop up occasionally) as brief explosions or percussive squalls, more for dynamics and texture, or if they are actually engaged in some sort of actual beat, it's mind bendingly abstract and extended and slow to the point of hovering around 2 or 3 bpm. Think Khanate, Monarch, Moss, Bunkur, Fleshpress? You're already thinking too fast, too structured, too riffy. This is some excessive extremist radical dooooooooom, the sort of chug and plod and buzz and bombinate that makes the rest of those bands sound like speed metal. Total pressing of 500 for the US and Europe, we have gold vinyl available which is limited to 250 copies! (Conspiracy)

  • Austriasan Goat (The) / Habsyll - Split - 7" - 4€
  • "Final 7" in the split record series. One man blackened funeral doom project from France vs. unbelievably heavy and slow amplifier overload from France! The Austrasian Goat's side reminds a lot of the last Corrupted record (you know, the one where they went all emo). There's a real driving feel to it - powered by a brilliantly melodic guitar line over a plodding bass riff. Everything's recorded totally in the red and there's a wonderful layer of white noise over everything. Maybe the best AG side yet saved for the last single! Habsyll sound like a less happy go lucky Khanate, or Monarch without the hipster irony. Totally morbid!" (Amertume)


  • Seein Red / Hammer - Split - 7" - 4€
  • Split-EP from 2004, featuring 3 tracks of SEEIN'REDs angry, political and pissed-off raging Hardcore – and on the flipside HAMMER from Japan belt out 2 furious HiSpeed-Hardcore thrashers! (Armagedon)


  • Hank / Glu - ...De La Folie Ordinaire - LP - 8€


  • Hawks - Pushover - LP - 12€


  • Headwar - Live Miami 12/03/11 - LP - 7€

  • Headwar - Touche Pas L'Enfant - LP - 7€

Heaven In Her Arms

  • Heaven In Her Arms - Paraselene - 2xLP - 18€
  • "Some people in the past have called the likeable Japanese guys in HEAVEN IN HER ARMS the younger brother of ENVY or a really good “rip-off” of ENVY’s masterpieces  ”All The Footprints You’ve Ever Left…” and “A Dead Sinking Story”.  Descriptions like “excellent Japanese screamo fused with ideas of progressive hardcore” and “massively bombastic emotional hardcore with extreme vocals” were established in the underground music scene as well." (Denovali)


  • Capitalist Casualties / Hellnation - Split - LP - 10€
  • "Eleven years in the making, a monument to all-out meltdown thrash. Nine political hardcore blasts from Capitalist Casualties (first recording in 9 years) on the Iraq war, environmental destruction and a fish. Twelve brand new, carpet bombing detonations from Kentucky bastards Hellnation: annihilating, catchy and relentlessly pissed off." (Six Weeks)

Hey Colossus

  • Hey Colossus & Dethscalator - S/t - LP - 9€

  • Hey Colossus / Dot (.) - Split - LP - 9€

Hey Enemy

  • Hey Enemy - s/t - LP - 7€


  • HHM - On The Loose Again - LP - 4€

Hippies Of Today

  • Hippies Of Today - s/t - LP - 8€


  • Violator / Hirax - Split - 7" - 4€
  • "How do you get two songs to equal almost a ten minute split? Why make it metal of course. Black Devil Records and Deep Six Records are here to serve up a double dose of metal with Hirax and Violator on one record. ‘Baptized by Fire’ Exactly what you expect from one of the best thrash bands in the business, fast heavy, thrash fucking metal. War, metal riffs, power flowing through the air. I could listen to this fucking song all day! ‘Futurephobia’ Violator is much newer to the thrash scene than Hirax but that doesn’t mean they rock any less harder. Another one of my favorite current thrash bands when I saw the split was them and Hirax I didn’t hesitate to pick it up and this song compliments Hirax’s perfectly. More fast thrash that keeps up the pace for over four minutes of thrash metal bliss."

Holy Soul (The)

  • Holy Soul (The) - Superkangs - LP - 12€

Hombre Malo

  • Hombre Malo / Desert Icons - Split - LP - 9€


  • Huata / Bitcho - Split - LP - 10€

  • Huata - Atavist Of Mann - 2xLP - 13€

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