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  • Machete - s/t - LP - 8€


  • Magnetix - Magnetic Reaction - LP - 12€


  • Magrudergring - Crusher - 10" - 8€
  • "Magrudergrind's "crusher" 10" brings the band to a whole new level of brutality and variation, combining both their trademark grinding power violence as well as some experimentations with a doom esque anthem the Magrudergrind way and some DJs among the featurings, which involve the likes of Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed / ex-Enemy Soil) and Dom Romeo (Pulling Teeth) too." (Bones Brigade)

Mars Red Sky

  • Year Of No Light / Mars Red Sky - split - LP - 10€

Mass Grave

  • Mass Grave / Stormcrow - Split - LP - 10€
  • "Mass Grave hail from vancouver, canada and have beein infesting the scene since 2004 with several records and each one is always more brutal than the previous one .. this is grind and even death metal fueled crust, think of Disrupt crossed with a pneumatic hammer: fast, violent, heavy .. bay area Stormcrow are one of the best stenchcore bands in the world .. along with bands like Sanctum, Hellshock or Limb from Limb they have taken Axegrinder, Hellbastard, Prophecy of Doom, Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct and more, swallowed them and then given birth to an even more brutal heavy sounding hellspawn" (Agipunk)


  • Masshysteri - s/t (second) - LP - 11€

Matka Teresa

  • Fuck On The Beach / Matka Teresa - Split - 7" - 3€
  • "The heroes of Japanese mad hardcore are back! Two new tracks here, still raw, insane and straight-to-the-point.! Matka Teresa: extreme nihilism grinding power crustcoreviolence featurung two guys in Brazil (ex Abuso Sonoro/Point Of No Return/Manifest/Acao Positiva.....and three guys from Poland (ex Mass Slaughter/Process Terror/Extermination). Faster faster." (listen Fuck On The Beach) (RSR)

Medication Time

  • Medication Time - One Free Miracle Ticket - LP - 8€

Melt Banana

  • Melt Banana - Teeny Shiny - LP - 10€
  • "Originally released in 2000, Teeny Shiny pursues the more pop-friendly tactics of Charlie. The speed and voracious riffing certainly doesn't seem to have suffered at the hands of any real alterations from the band's early days, yet the sounds seem to be put together with a little more leniency on the listener. 'First Contact To Planet Q' harks back to the band's early sub-60 second hardcore sounds, segueing seamlessly into the searing guitar fizz of 'Warp, Back Spin'. Further in to the album, 'Flip and Hit' begins with the usual barrage of double-time punk rock but ends up sounding like a full-on air raid. A track of an entirely different order closes the album: the relatively straight-forward 'Moon Flavor' which is positively jaunty, eschewing the gritty carnage of all that came before. Another fine reissue, capturing the band at their most accessible." (listen Melt Banana) (A-Zap)


  • Cementario / Mentat - Split - LP - 8€
  • "Here Mentat  frome Valencia (Sp) deliver two amazing songs of post doom sludge where emotion don't match with hope but more
    with some black power of the beast ! Think like Thou play Neurosis with a great screaming vocal ! Cementerio as well from Valencia (Sp) play free powerful and obscure songs of sludge crust with great metal stoner touch. Think Eyehategod playing with Discharge and Slayer in the desert (of Spain of course) !" (listen) (Boue)  


  • Meurtre - S/t - LP - 7€

Michel Platinium

  • Michel Platinium - S/t - 7" - 3€

Mind Of Asian

  • Vöetsek / Mind Of Asian - Split - 7" - 4€
  • Commemorates the west coast tour that featured Voetsek and Mind Of Asian in 2008 with Voetsek bringing two tracks of raging hardcore punk to their side and Mind Of Asian lending three songs of their patented Japanese thrashcore!!! (Deep Six)

  • Mind Of Asian / Straight Edge Kegger - Split - LP - 9€
  • "AN ALL-OUT ESTROGEN ATTACK!! Hardcore deathmatch featuring Tokyo's premiere all female fastcore brigade MIND OF ASIAN up against Fresno's fast & furious female fronted freenzy-thrashers. 8 round of blasting hardcore blitzkrieg from both bands. If you missed MIND OF ASIAN on their recent US tour- SHAME ON YOU!! The cover features a full color painting by the talented David D'Andrea (ASUNDER, YETI, HIGH ON FIRE, GRAVES AT SEA, NOOTHGRUSH) and back cover courtesy of Australian artist Ray Ahn of HARD-ONS fame." (Torture Garden)

Mk Ultra

  • Seein Red / Mk Ultra - Split - LP - 9€
  • "This great split LP from 1998 is finally available on CD format. Seein’ Red are an aggressive assault of super fast hardcore and anything but subtle political statements, while MK-Ultra are a vicious wall of speed and frantic hardcore that never stops short of total destruction." (Coalition)

Mondo Gecko

  • Demokhratia / Mondo Gecko - Split - LP - 8€


  • Monnocle - S/t - 7" - 3€

  • Monnocle - La Boucherie Du Progrès - LP - 8€

Morgue Pleine

  • Morgue Pleine - s/t - 7'' - 4€


  • 2:13 PM & Motherfucking & La Sixième Faute - Collaboration - LP - 8€
  • "This LP is the result of a programmed meeting with Julien Dupont (MOTHERFUCKING), Julien Louvet (2 :13 PM, THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, DEATH TO PIGS), Eric Duriez (2 :13 PM, PROZACK MAURICE), Gael Moissonnier(MOTHERFUCKING, LA 6e FAUTE) and Samuel Moncharmont (LA 6e FAUTE). This has been recorded on july the 9th, year 2011 in a reahearsal room localized in Ay-sur-Moselle." (213)

Mouth Of The Architect

  • Mouth Of The Architect - Quielty - 2xLP - 18€

Movie Star Junkies

  • Movie Star Junkies - Melville - LP - 12€
  • "The MOVIE STAR JUNKIES wanted to do a concept album for Herman Melville (Moby Dick) and all kind of stories about shipwrecks, like illness, religion dirty love and more. King Automatic found this band in Torino, Italy. This combo is very influenced by the Birthday Party or the Gun Club combined with a soft touch of incredible strange Exotica Rhythms Easy Listening and Surf and a nuance of TRASH - typically for a VOODOO RHYTHM band.Formed in 2005 as a duo they released a single on 'A Fistful of Records' (Netherlands), on 'Nasty Product' (France) and on 'No-fi records' (Italy). Slow, moody, mean floor crawler will remind you of everything negative or of a dark sounding record in the Crypt Catalogue, but without leaving with the possibility to refer to this or that band...desperate vocals, moaning organ, trashy distorted guitar. MOVE STAR JUNKIES were performing in clubs, squats galleries and in the streets of your city. They were supporting Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Lost Sounds. After listening to this 12 amazing tracks you'll feel like pushed in the year of 1634 and you are on a big boat and got homesick and ready to die but you have to fight. This is exactly what this album gives to you. Buy this record and become a MOVIE STAR JUNKIE junkie. Desperate vocals, moaning organ and trashy distorted guitar. influenced by the Birthday Party or the Gun Club, combined with soft touches of incredible strange exotica rhythms, easy listening and surf, plus a touch of trash. Or in other words, here's another typical Voodoo Rhythm band."

  • Movie Star Junkies - A Poison Tree - LP - 12€
  • "Tales of ordinary madness, dirty love, illness and sorrow continues and brings us down to the deepest and darkest side of rock’n’roll. Voodoo Rhythm Records is proud to announce the brand new second album of Italy’s greatest blues punk combo, the MOVIE STAR JUNKIES. The opus is called A Poison Tree and it’s an intense and devilish journey through timeless and sinister murder ballads. Noisy and gloomy tunes, some altered visions from the holy inquisition to William Blake. The energy and anger of that strange and familiar sound appears not just by the length of their songs. Two minutes wasn’t enough to create this absorbing music and it starts with frantic surf guitars and a marching drum beat attended by that incredible angry and self destructive vocalist who sings about getting buried under a tree, and that tree burns thru the hole record until it changes in to the amazing “A Poison Tree,” a poem which was written by William Blake himself. For fans of Demon’s Claw, Black Lips and The Cramps." (Voodoo Rythm)

  • Movie Star Junkies - Junkyears - LP - 11€

Mr Marcaille

  • Mr Marcaille / Batalj - Split - 7" - 4€

Mukeka Di Rato

  • Mukeka Di Rato - Gaiola - LP - 10€
  • "Mukeka di Rato was formed in the beginning of 1995, in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil. They aimed to make fast hardcore music with Portuguese lyrics. The band was formed in 1995 with Sandro (vocals), Mozine (bass), Dudu (guitars) and Brek (drums). In 2001 Sandro left the band and Bebê took his position until 2006 when he left the group for personal and musical reasons. Sandro then came back to the original band formation. Their name was chosen after reading a magazine article which told the story of some Pernambuco’s citizens who used to eat mice found on garbage. Mukeka di Rato with two K’s was supposed to sound like some crust bands from Finland to which they used to listen. It also represents the sarcasm that appears as a peculiarity in their lyrics and band posture throughout the years." (Sclérose)


  • Mumakil - Behold The Failure - LP - 14€
  • "Mumakil's 'Behold the Failure' detonates 27 lightning-fast firebombs of grinding metal with all the subtlety and remorse of a suicide bomber. This is grind as fuck!" (Relapse)

Municipal Waste

  • Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust - Split - LP - 12€

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