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  • Panther - The Birds - LP - 10€
  • "Brandnew six song 12". Panther is the two-headed effort of Charlie Salas-Humara (The Planet The) on vocals, cello and keys and Joe Kelly (31 Knots) on drums. But even when it was Charlie's solo effort he was never really alone. Whether live or on record there was a sense that Panther was being overtaken by something, not an alter-ego, this was something else. Think Ian Curtis convulsive intensity and James Browns spastic swagger and you still won't have Panther, but a sense of what-the-fuckness that all of them seem to call up." (Altin Village)

Papier Tigre

  • Papier Tigre - s/t - 7" - 5€

  • Papier Tigre - Recreation - LP - 13€

  • Papier Tigre - Beginning - LP - 12€

Patriotic Sunday (The)

  • Patriotic Sunday (The) - Characters - LP - 16€

  • Patriotic Sunday (The) - Actual Fiction - LP - 12€


  • Pavé - s/t - 10" - 7€

Pedro De La Hoya

  • Pedro De La Hoya - El Club De Corazones Solitarios… - LP - 8€


  • a.P.A.t.T. / Peepholes - Split - LP - 12€
  • a.P.A.t.T. share this 12" circle of vinyl with Peepholes, courtesy of Upset The Rhythm's 'Split' series. They manage to defy time somehow and cram 8 songs onto their side, also known as 'Paul The Record'. With opener 'The Village Idiot', a.P.A.t.T. achieve a highpoint in their career so far - it's a perfectly scored absurdist piece for clarinet, piano, guitar and drums, bursting with energy and enough invention to make Patton and Zappa double take. It's a tour de force, with a.P.A.t.T. firing on all weird cylinders.The rest of the album lives up to its illustrious beginning, taking in schmaltz pastiche, Devo punk, a diatribe against Tamla Motown and a classy rock out in aid of the 'Maggot Fairy'. It's the end or the distant future of music and one day the whole world will appreciate the truly labrynthine appeal of a.P.A.t.T.'s approach to music. 'Airforce Trainer' is all swirling keyboard clusters, reverberating vocals and tribal drum batterings. Kat's catchy vocal lines are echoed by Nick on the pulsating 'Alpine Song', which has a wonderful wobbly descending synth melody giving way to a lonesome coda full of icy feelings of displacement.Perhaps the most triumphant moment of the album sees Peepholes wield a mighty seven-minute track called 'Carnivore' that, in it's breadth, welcomes bubbling synth noise and exploding cymbals to fry the song within an inch of its life. The other two stand out tracks 'Sleep In The Shower' and 'Pulling Cars' both tap into a similar punk energy, sounding sincere and anthemic, drawing electronics to the fore alongside Kat's perfect hollers. (listen a.P.A.t.T) (listen Peepholes) (Upset The Rythm)

Peligro Social

  • Born Dead / Peligro Social - Split - 7" - 4€
  • "Two of the bay areas best punk bands. Oakland's Born/Dead continue on with their well known brand of Christ on Parade//Aus Rotten style political hardcore punk, this time w/ a sick build up into full bore rager and when Wyatt and Willdog scream, the kids will lose their shit. Peligro Social from SF make their vinyl debut and introduce their own style of classic spanish punk. Melodic punk riffs mixed with a bit of rock n roll wank (think Gn'Fn'R) topped with snotty spanish vocals, fucking ripps. (ex-Cropknox) Packaged in a pocket gatefold 7" sleeve with a 12 page booklet, this is top notch." (Tankcrimes)


  • Pelt - Empty Bell Ringing In The Sky - 12€

Phantom Limbs (The)

  • Phantom Limbs (The) - Displacement - LP - 8€
  • 2nd album by these guys from San Francisco - with 8 new songs of their energetic, keyboard-fuelled amalgamation of punk, goth and neo-wave! (listen Phantom Limbs) (Alternative Tentacles)


  • Phobia - Grind Your Fucking Head In - LP - 7€
  • "Seventeen more tracks from Southern California’s grind masters. Political and angry, with an earache assault of brutal noise to back it up, Phobia doesn’t disappoint with this ragin’ assembly of power violence tracks and deep vocal growling." (Rödel)

  • Phobia - Serenity Through Pain - LP - 7€
  • "The disc opens with an acoustic, despondent drone that sounds like an outtake from the Steve Von Till Cd, but soon after all of the stops are pulled out & it kicks into high gear... then we get the patented hackle-raising grind flurry that we all know & love from Phobia. Lyrical content is based mostly around attacking the crap end of society and generalized American ignornace with a heavy anti-Christian bent. They even pull a Final Conlift cover out of the hat, and F.C.'s own Jeff Harp throws in a few guest solos for good measure. Nice dark & dismal layout, too. Once again Phobia pulls another ace out of their collective sleeve" (Rödel)

  • Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence - LP - 9€
  • "What can be said about Phobia that has not already been said? After 18 years of touring, partying, and releasing some of the sickest punk infused grind to ever come out of California, they are once again ready to unleash their latest and greatest. 22 Random Acts Of Violence is a grindcore lover’s dream come true. Phobia’s specialty of blending the ferocity of metal with the attitude of punk is in full-force on this new album. Sure to be on year end Top 10 lists everywhere." (Deep Six)

Phoenix Foundation (The)

  • Phoenix Foundation (The) - No Love Lost - LP - 8€
  • "4th full lengh of Finlands PHOENIX FOUNDATION continiues with a row of HUSKER DU influenced melodic punk rock that comes again very solid and well done. The theme is again on the melancholic side of "things" and it´s not a record you listen to when you just have a good time. Maybe more the opposite. I love it. - Artwork is amazingly simple but beautyful. Crafted by Mr John Yates at Stealworks." (Stonehenge)

Pierre & Bastien

  • Pierre & Bastien / Ronux - Split - 7" - 4€

Pig Heart Transplant

  • Public Humiliation - Iron Lung / Pig Heart Transplant / Walls - LP - 10€
  • "Here we have the Public Humiliation 12", a collaborative effort between Iron Lung, Walls and Pig Heart Transplant. All 11 tracks on this LP were recorded while all 3 bands played together live at the Vera Project in Seattle. Jon Kortland of Iron Lung also plays in Pig Heart Transplant, and Jensen Ward (also of Iron Lung) plays in you sort of get the picture here. These are some crushing tunes and I only wish I was there to see this first hand, but I suppose these recordings will have to do. Copies of the 12" are currently out of print, but should be repressed, if you missed out or don't feel like waiting for the repress here is your opportunity to check this out. I'm inclined to check out some of the Wall's records now after hearing this. Same goes for PHT, though I was able to grab their 7" that Deer Healer put out awhile back which was also pretty good. Anyways, enough of my rambling...enjoy the tunes." (Iron Lung)

Pissed Jeans

  • Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans - LP - 15€

  • Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men - LP - 15€

Planes Mistaken For Stars

  • Planes Mistaken For Stars - Mercy - LP - 10€
  • "The story of Planes Mistaken For Stars begins within the confines of a paltry Midwestern town in Illinois called Peoria. Peoria, only hours away from big city living in Chicago, was culture starved and nothing like the northern city by the lake. It was this very atmosphere that fueled the raw, somber and fervent songs that Planes Mistaken For Stars would ultimately become so well known for. Formerly on the emo lighthouse Deep Elm and then landing on the fiercely independent No Idea, Planes Mistaken For Stars have come a long way since those early days as they are now on the cusp of releasing their Abacus debut "Mercy". The band has toured the world with the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Against Me!, Cursive and others. The band's appeal crosses genre divides, often shows have as many metal heads and hardcore fans as emo fans requesting material from early in the band's career. Produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus The Bear, etc.), "Mercy" is another step forward in the progression of a band who challenges themselves along the path of life. Look for the band on tour all of 2006 and beyond!" (Paranoid)

Plastered Bastards

  • Plastered Bastards - If You're Drinking With Us... - LP - 7€


  • Plastobeton / Glu - Split - LP - 10€


  • Pluton - s/t - LP - 9€


  • Pneu / Nervous Kid - Split - LP - 10€

  • Pneu - Pince Monseigneur - LP - 10€

  • Pneu - Highway To Hell - LP - 11€

Possuido Pelo Cao

  • Possuido Pelo Cao - Possessed In The Circle Pit - LP - 10€

Presque Maudit

  • Presque Maudit - s/t - LP - 8€

Pretty Little Flower

  • Short Fast And Loud #24 - Ten Year Anniversary Issue - Zine + 10"- 10€
  • Short Fast & Loud #24- Ten year Anniversary issue w/ 10" compilation vinyl and zine, unreleased rippers from Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction, Gride,and Lahar!!! (Six Weeks)

Psychic Paramount (The)

  • Psychic Paramount (The) - II - LP - 14€


  • Pttrns - Sciences Pinata - LP - 11€
  • "First full album by this band from Cologne/Germany, marking a change in sound & style from their previous releases: They have now adopted Afro-Beat elements to their sound, rhythmical as well as with that typical guitar-sound. Seems like they had been influenced by bands such as VAMPIRE WEEKEND lately... and some more, like SUPERSYSTEM or MAHJONGG, but without the electronical elements of those. LP includes download-coupon!" (listen Pttrns) (Altin Village)

Puanteur Crack

  • Puanteur Crack - S/t - LP - 10€


  • Suma / Pyramido - Split - LP - 13€
  • Both bands come from Malmo, Sweden. SUMA play a 17 minute cataclysmic doom droned song. And PYRAMIDO (Burst and Crowpath members) play two songs of a doom rock oriented sludge not unline Weedeater or Bongzilla. All songs are unreleased. (Head)

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