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  • V/A Poslouchate 2 - LP - 7€
  • with 8 bands from south bohemia, 22 tracks, 40mn:  GRIDE, PRESSBOIL, P.M.L.Z., DEZINFEKCE, RADIOLOKATOR, MURUROA, S.O.S., DEN ZA DNEM. Raw hardcore, crust, grindcore, hardcore/metal core.

  • V/A 3 Ways Of Armagedon - CD - 1€

  • V/A Da Grind - CD - 1€

  • V/A 4 Ways - CD - 1€

  • V/A Does Time Affect Memory - CD - 1€
  • w/ Molecules, Splatter Trio, Spaceheads, Badgewearer, Climax golden Twins, RWA, Shunatao, Voodoo Muzak, Fuehler, Miss Murgatroid, Headbutt, Raeo, Scrooge, Pest, Phased 4°F, Nid, Dark, TV Pow, Happy New Year, Figurehead, Zuno Men, Konic Thtr, Circle, Keuhkot, Gino Robair, Fin de Siècle, Ron Anderson. Fold out carboard sleeve (design Bolino). 28 bands representing today’s (1998) underground from Amanita’s point of view.

  • V/A Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru - CD - 1€

  • V/A Off Target - CD - 1€
  • "Ten years ago two Dutch hardcore kids met at a convention covering Trotsky and thus was born Coalition Records. This compilation catches ten years of that label's trials and tribulations, with not a loser in the bunch. Plus, when it contains a nice mix of released cuts, prerelease material and unreleased gems, how can one go wrong? Off Target starts off with the garage / no wave of The Je Ne Sais Quoi (with another track later), then we come upon the emotional hardrock of Oil, JR Ewing and their brand of early San Diego-styled screamo, the Bla'st / Black Flag-like Books Lie, a couple of tracks from the hard rocking, hardcore Wolves, Kill the Man Who Questions, Seein' Red, A New Enemy, Let It Burn, Tear It Up, Guyana Punchline, Das Oath... man this thing is packed. Off the upcoming Coalition releases we get tracks from Italy's Entropia, the punk-meets-glitch Crimson Curse, Betercore and the garagey The Kill Pill. With never-before-released numbers by Suicide Party and a 1982 demo track from Pandemonium. Thirty bands, thirty-five songs, with seventy minutes of music - this is why I love comps!" (Coalition)

  • V/A Psychotic Reactions - CD - 1€

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